Faaborg Rehab Technic

Faaborg Rehab Technic who in daily speech is referred to as FRT was founded in 1984 by Niels Erik Johansen with electronics and service as the main area. Within a wide range of customer groups, including the rehabilitation sector with everything from wheelchairs to beds and lifts.

In spring 1985 the first electric mobile lift came. In November 1988, FRT produced the first version of the Faaborg lift with parallel leg spreading. Since then, it has become a larger product program within “transfer aids”. With 3-mobile lift types, which can be built in more than 15 applications from 95 kg up to 350 kg and over 35 different lifting sails in the sizes X-Small to XXX-large. In March 2012, FRT took over the wheelchair’s production from Bomi, and the sale of bicycles.

All product development and production take place in close dialogue with customer groups and organizations where the main idea of ​​the design has been stability; simple and functional operation; service friendliness and long service life.

All products have been thoroughly tested by external testing institutes (HMI and Tüv) and CE-marked in accordance with applicable standards.

The company’s founder and owner have for several years participated in the international standardization work for rehabilitation equipment / lifts.

75 – 85% of production is exported to both Scandinavia / Europe – USA / Canada – Asia / Australia and the Middle East, but an equally important part of the company is the domestic market, which today is built with a sales department with direct sales, as well as a dealer network on individual product areas.

A very comprehensive weight / height rod program has since 2007 been developed and sold with exclusivity throughout Scandinavia and countries within the EU.

In 2014, FRT caters to many customer groups and can deliver total solutions and special development to:









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