Co-Pilot 3 – Tandembike

20” wheels in the front and 24” wheels in the back
The alternative solution for those who do not feel safe on a 2-wheel tandem, but would like to have the disabled person sitting in front.
2-wheel front makes the Co-Pilot 3 particularly suitable for helpers and families who are not completely safe with 2-wheel tandems. To facilitate entry at the front, the handlebars (without the use of tools) can be tilted forward.
Available as both Child/adult and adult/adult. Child model (short saddle and joystick). Adult model (long saddle and handlebar).
Co-Pilot 3 can also be supplied with an auxiliary engine.
Large accessory program, contact us for more information.


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  • Optimal safety – hydraulic drum brakes on front wheels
  • Special hub in the front seat
  • Min. stride length, front – from 51,5 cm
  • 7 Sachs torque as standard
  • 2 sizes on the front seat
  • Auxiliary motor can be purchased
  • Large accessory program available
Art no.:  7003
HMI: 44507
Technical specifications
Co-Pilot Tandembike
Length 200 cm
Width 84 cm
Height 80-110 cm
Weight 30 kg
Max. user weight 180 kg
Stride length, front 52 – 71 cm
Stride length, back 73 – 90 cm