Careline Mover 2123 / 2124

Careline Mover 2124 with leg spreading is easy to maneuver on wheels and can be used indoors for short transfers. It is for users who can stand but who cannot necessarily walk. Available as manual or with electric leg spreading. Careline Mover 2123 with fixed narrow legs makes it easy to get in between various things, such as a wheelchair.


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Careline Mover is easy to operate. Used indoors for short transfers. For users who can stand but not necessarily walk. Mover provides quick, stable and safe transfer between bed, toilet and chair.

During moving, it is possible to be seated. Mover gives possibilities for the user to use their remaining rising and standing functions actively.

Art no.: 2123 / 2124 / 2124E
HMI: 88866
Technical Specifications Measurement fits 2124 / 2124E
Frame Steel, aluminium
Max. userweight 150 kg
Weight Mover 19,6 kg
Length 86 cm
Height 106 cm
Width 63 cm
Width indside 49 cm
Width, open 85 cm
Width, seat 46 cm
Wheels, bag 10 cm
Wheels, front 7 cm
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