Electrical Combi Chair with Tilt & Height Adjustment

This electric combo chair with a height adjustment of just over 40 cm makes it easy to handle both bathing, toilet visits and general hygienic care of the citizen. The chair can be angled 30 ° backwards and 7 ° forward, which reduces twisting and back loads for the staff. In addition, the chair is equipped with headrest, soft pur seat and height-adjustable leg supports, which can be easily removed.

The chair can be custom made to meet special needs.


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Art no.:  2030E
HMI: 103751
Technical Specifications
Electrical Combi Chair
Max. weight 150 kg
Product weight 44 kg
Seat height 53 – 95 cm
Seat width 46 cm
Seat depth 43 cm
Total length (with legsupport) 110 cm
Total width 57 cm
Height Adjustable 53 – 93 cm