A5 WIN-NEW Child

WIN-NEW A5 wheelchair focuses on the child’s needs and grows with the child. It has both adjustable seat depth and adjustable seat height. In addition, it has adjustable pushing handles, adjustable footrests and height adjustable back, which is standard for the wheelchair.
The wheelchair comes in different frame colors:

  • Green/silver
  • Blue/silver
  • Pink/silver

WIN-NEW A5 wheelchair is filled with different options and features. The wheelchair has a cross frame, so it is foldable.


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Art no.:  WIN30NEW / WIN32NEW / WIN35NEW
HMI: 103639 / 103640 / 103641
Technical Specifications
A5 Win-New Child
Max. User weight 80 kg
Total weight 14,4 kg
Total length 86 cm
Seat width 30/32/35 cm
Total width SW + 21 cm
Seat height, front 40 – 46 cm
Seat height, back 37 – 44 cm
Seat depth 25 – 30 cm