Fionia Count 200 Stand-Up

Fionia Count 200 Stand-up Lift has additional V-spreading of the legs, which ensures a remarkable stability compared to similar lifts. This feature makes it possible to go up to a lifting capacity of 200 kg. without compromising safety. Standard with single knee support. This type of lift is suitable for persons with a degree of bodily self support as this enables them to use their remaining rising and standing functions actively.


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Fionia Count is standard with a single knee support. Can be delivered with a double knee support as an extra accessory.

Advantages with Fionia count 200:

  • Additional spreading of the legs
  • Optimal possibilities for the user to use their remaining rising and standing functions actively
  • Lifting capacity until 200 kg.
  • Electric spreading of the legs
  • Optimal stability
  • Several color combinations
  • New design


Main features:

  • Charger: Is integrated in the control box
  • Power overload circuit: The control box is also equipped with a power overload circuit for the lifting and leg spreading functions.
  • Hand control: Is equipped with pictograms indicating the up/down and in/out functions. It has an expandable spiral cord and is magnetically attached for flexible positioning.
  • Emergency stop: Disconnects the power supply to and from the batteries


Release button: If, for some reason, the lift fails, 2 emergency release buttons will lower the lifting arm: one electric placed on the control box and one manual on the lifting actuator. Battery indicator: Informs you of battery capacity. Battery charging light: Lights up when charging is required. Audible beep. Sound when charging is required. Rear Castors: Braked

Art no.: 2004C-200-2
Technical Specifications
Fionia Count VL 200
Max. User weight 200 kg
Height of undercarriage 30 mm
Floor clearance height 70 mm
Castors 100/80 mm
Leg length 950 mm
Inside dimensions between legs, min. 555 mm
Inside dimensions between legs, max. 150 mm
Lifting min. 600 mm
Lifting max. 1700 mm
Total weight 48 kg
Weight lower section 33 kg
Weight upper section 15 kg
Weight upper section 18 kg
  • User manual