Click & Go Professional

This is the newest Click & Go model, with height adjustable handles, which makes it possible to get a correct posture. Click & Go makes it possible to push a wheelchair without much effort. It can easily be placed under a wheelchair, provided that the wheelchair is supplied with universal mounting plates.

Click & Go has a battery indicator, which makes it possible for the user to see how much energy is left on the battery. The battery has an action radius of approximately 25 km, so the power pack is also suitable for long distances. The battery is charged easy, without the need to disassemble the battery pack.

You can disconnect the motor at any time, if you want to push without help.


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Art no.:  FRT-P001C
HMI: 83385
Technical Specifications
Click & Go Professional
Capacity 135 kg
Total weight 22,5 kg
Weight base 10 kg
Weight batteri 7,2 kg
Height Adjustable 96 – 117 cm
Dimension 38 x 33 x 96 cm
Wheel 20 x 5 cm
Fits a Wheelschair with wiidth 40 – 55 cm
Max. speed 5,5 km/t
Range up to 15 – 25 km
Motor 180 W
Battery 2x 12 Ah/ 12 v
Charger 2 Ah / 24 v
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