The Aristo series provide a strong and durable couch with tilt function that comes in a veriety of colors. Due to the two, powerful lifting engines, the couch can be raised and lowered with 50 cm., and the top part can be raised to a 90̊ angle. This model has larger wheel, and thereby a larger distance between the wheels, which increases the stability when the couch is in its upright position.


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The Aristo comes with 3 belt-cushions. Herewith the patient can be secured to the table, so the table can be adjusted in every angle from 0˚ to 90˚. In what angle the table is positioned can be seen on the protractor that is mounted on the side of the table. The foot plate can be adjusted into six positions. Aristo comes as a battery run model, making it suitable for many repeatable movements.

Available in several colors.


Options for Aristo:

  • Adjustable worktable
  • Adjustable worktable, white
  • Armrests for Aristo (for worktable)
  • D. Line upholstery
  • Belt-cushion
  • Extra battery
  • Neck cushion, big with removable straps
  • Extra wide (max. 70 cm)
  • Fixation belt 180×8
  • Fixation belt 240×8
  • Nose hole in head section



Art no.: ARISTO1
HMI: 29956
Technical Specifications
Frame Epoxycoated steel
Length 220 cm
Width 85 cm
Min. height 50 cm
Max. height 100 cm
Max. weight 300 kg
Max. angle for tilt 90°