The couches in the Kombi series come as 1, 2 or 3 parted, and can be made with a preinial cutting, making it suitable for gynecology, or with other electives, for blood collection, physiotherapy, or other types of treatments. The couch can be adjusted to almost any position and comes with a standard with of 64 cm in a variety of colors. All sections of the couch can be adjusted be means of a gas pedal on each side of the couch.


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Hydraulic or electric version: The electric version can be equipped with a hand control or foot pedal. The hydraulic version comes with a foot pedal on each side of the couch. Hinges on movable parts demand only little maintenance, and all legs on the couch can be adjusted for optimum stability on uneven surfaces. The couches can be made with or without castors, and are for castors provided with a central locking system will cause the wheels to brake simultaneously.

Available in several colors.

Options for Kombi couches:

  • Extra footswitch
  • Extra hand switch
  • T-plug for twin switches
  • C.D. Line upholstery
  • Set of adapters for arm/knee/foot support
  •  Set of knee supports
  • Stainless steel tray with adapter
  • Special width (max 70 cm)
  • Paper roll holder
  • Neck cushion, big removable, with strap
  • Arm support
  • Set of foot supporters
  • Nose hole in head section
  • Perineal cut out in sitting section
Art no.: KOMZW00
HMI: 62575
Technical Specifications
Frame Epoxycoated steel
Length 196 cm
Width 64 cm
Min. height 50 cm
Max. height 103 cm
Max. weight