Winner Junior

Winner Junior – a simple to use, lightweight wheelchair with great flexibility and safety for the young user. A foldable wheelchair using a double cross braced frame and with quick release wheels. Winner provides the young user with the means to achieve an active seating posture and optimal comfort. Winner has many functional features in the rugged design. Winner is fitted with a wheel positioning block with several wheel setting options for optimal chair balancing, seat height and amputation bracket positioning.


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Standard Equipment:

  • Foldable wheelchair with double crosss braced frame
  • Fixed back angle without bar
  • Suspension seat and loose cushion
  • Suspension back or velcro back
  • Adjustable wheel settings using positioning block
  • Quick release on all wheels
  • Height adjustable push handles or push bar
Art no.:  WINJUNIOR37
HMI: 37613
Technical Specifications
Winner Junior
Max. User weight 120 kg
Total weight 16 kg
Weight of base frame 8,5 kg
Seat width 37 cm
Seat length 29 – 31 / 34 -37 cm
Seat height 38 / 43 / 48 cm
Back height 35 cm
Total width 55 cm
Total length 90 cm
Total height 90 cm
Transport width 31 cm
Armrest height 20 – 28 cm
Leg support length 36 – 46 cm
Amputation support length 20 / 32 cm cushion