A5 Winner Lite Pro

The A5 Winner Lite Pro 12½” is a refined transport wheelchair aimed at more comfort and ease. Excellent to take with you because it is lightweight, the whole wheelchair weighs less than 12 kilograms! Available as a transit or a self-propel wheelchair. The A5 Winner Lite Pro is an even better fit for the end user because of the improvements in specification, made with an eye for detail. The insertion tubes from the footplates are lightly curved, this makes the footplates closer to each other for additional support which offers a more comfortable seating position.

Comes in 3 sizes with a seat width at 40/45/50 cm,


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Art no.:  A5WinL40 / A5WinL45 / A5WinL50
HMI: 83725 / 83726 / 83727
Technical Specifications
A5 Winner Lite Pro
Max. User weight 125 kg
Total weight 12 kg
Total height 95 cm
Total width 55 / 60 / 65 cm
Total length 108 cm
Seat width 40 / 45 / 50 cm
Seat height 54 cm
Seat depth 42 cm
Armrest height 22 – 34 cm
Armrest width 4 cm
Armrest length 34 cm
Folded width 30 cm
Folded height 75 cm